Inspiration and Leadership

03 Jul

The Art of Giving and Receiving Praise


Praise in the workplace. We sometimes forget to give it. We’re often at a loss on how to receive it. But as leaders, we need to understand how important both are to our own careers. Think about it: one of the most frustrating events we regularly experience in our careers is achieving some high, difficult […]

28 May

Organizational Skill of Leadership


Being a leader means more than just fronting a business enterprise: you’re also head coach, recruiter, decision-maker, and more. The best ones are the glue that holds everything together and the oil that makes it run smoothly. Efficient leaders must rely on an entire arsenal of skills and talents, but perhaps the most important of […]

01 May

Who Is Leading US Science and Technology?


If we have learned nothing else over the half a century, we have learned that diversity in leadership is not only possible, but desirable: proven success that happened regardless of race or gender has opened up doorways in academia, in business, and in politics—all the way to the presidency itself. The question is, at what […]

09 Apr

You Can’t Lead What You Don’t Know


In a business environment—particularly in the borderline paranoia that seems to have grown out of the “Me Too” movement—leaders are encouraged to maintain a strong professional line between themselves and the people below them. Business is business, and there’s no room there for personal relationships, right? As it turns out, that isn’t exactly the case. […]

18 Mar

Building Teamwork in a Small Business


In order to survive and maintain a sustainable business model, you need returning customers. One bad apple may not spoil the whole barrel, but it might make you leery of sampling a second one from the same batch. By the same token, the actions of one individual might not reflect your core business philosophies, but […]

27 Feb

Are Your Interviewees Checking You Out?


If you’re looking to hire someone, you’ve likely done–or at least had your HR department do–some serious background checking. Nobody wants to end up with a bad employee, especially when there are red flags before hiring. But have you ever considered that it might go the other way around, as well? Most of us have, […]

04 Feb

Leadership in 2019: Is Equality Still an Issue?


The last three or four decades have seen considerable progress in terms of women in leadership roles, at least in the US. Today’s women are dealing with a narrower wage gap, seeing less overall gender discrimination, and dragging issues like sexual harassment out of the shadows. The percentage of females in leadership/management roles has much […]

14 Jan

Stop Managing, Start Leading

The best leaders are a little bit superhero.

When it comes to your team, your department, or your company, are you a manager or a leader. We’re not talking about what it says on your business card of email signature; how do people actually see you? Your peers, people you report to, and people who report to you? What is there impression? Do […]

17 Dec

The Myth of Multitasking


As someone who spent a many years as a freelancer, I can ascertain that we lived and breathed by multitasking–for better or worse. I have no doubt I drove clients crazy with attempts to juggle projects, sales, teaching, bookkeeping, and the bare bones of a personal life. To be honest, I wasn’t very good at […]