Inspiration and Leadership

18 May

Top Ten Countdown of Things Great Leaders Never Say


The right word at the right time can motivate, inspire and encourage. The wrong word, however, can demean, insult and injure. In the work environment, great leaders know that encouraging teammates through verbal communication can be one of the most powerful motivational tools available. Great leaders also know that their words can demean employees, causing […]

15 Jan

Help Kids Develop a Strong Work Ethic

work ethic

You spend too much time building up your child’s self-esteem. That’s right; in the age of bullying, you are doing too much to make your child feel confident. No, I didn’t say raising a confident child is a bad thing. I said you are contributing too much to the process. It is far more important […]

03 Dec

The True Cost of Ineffective Employees

bad employee

Every company has an employee who isn’t as great as the others. You might think it isn’t a big deal—after all, the majority of your workers are fantastic. But you’ll be surprised just how bad that bad employee is. Bad Employees are Detrimental to Everyone If you sit down and think about it, you’ll realize […]