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01 May

Five Ways to Encourage Leadership in Children


Take a look at the significant leaders in history, and you’ll find that many of them started their leadership early. At age 10, John Quincy Adams had witnessed the Battle of Bunker Hill and accompanied his father on a diplomatic mission to France. Louis Braille invented a system of reading and writing for the blind […]

16 Nov

4 Ways to Make Corporate Social Responsibility a Priority

business ethics

Today’s consumers rank corporate social responsibility, or CSR, as an important part of their decision-making process. Why is that the case? And, more importantly, how can you make CSR a more prominent part of your company’s culture? Examining Corporate Social Responsibility First things first: let’s examine what corporate social responsibility means. According to the World […]

17 Oct

Why More Data Doesn’t Mean Better Problem-Solving


As any manager can tell you, the hardest part of problem-solving isn’t always finding a solution: often, the hardest part is finding the problem. Down and dirty answers to perceived issues are usually ineffective at best; at worst, they can make a bad situation worse. Problem-Solving in the Information Age The availability of data in […]

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