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02 Jun

8 Powerful Traits of Effective Leaders


How True Leaders Take Charge, Accept Responsibility and Embrace Innovation It’s not easy being an effective leader. Mental toughness, determination, discipline, courage, trust—you must have all of these in abundance and more.     So, what exactly does it take to become a great leader? You will need just the right balance of these nine […]

09 Mar

10 Ways to Define and Measure Success

define success

There are countless ways in which people gauge success. For some, success is merely the state of having achieved wealth, fame or power. However, to me that has always seemed like a rather one-dimensional, shallow and ultimately unsatisfying definition. If you asked a thousand different people how to define success, you’d get a thousand different […]

01 Feb

Efficiency Essentials: 38 Life Hacks for Leaders and Professionals

life hacks

‘Life hacking’ is the practice of trying to squeeze the most efficiency, productivity and fulfillment out of the time and energy you invest. Here are the life hacking essentials for leaders—everything you need to optimize your leadership efficiency. Organization Hacks There are plenty of small things you can do to streamline your workspace. Using such […]

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